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Who We Are

 The Faces Behind HYDE

~ Live by what you believe in ~

The products we at H Y D E Authentic Imports sell are specifically selected for their beauty, quality and their impact on the lives of the Artisans who create them. By giving these products access in the world market, we create opportunities that otherwise would be unimaginable. Opportunities that are life-changing.


Hi, my name is Teagan MacKenzie!

I am the co-owner and CEO of HYDE, I am the one behind the scenes of designing all of our products here at HYDE! I have the honor and opportunity to make a difference in the world by designing and marketing unique, quality items that people can enjoy for a lifetime..

Being involved in HYDE has also allowed me to give our customers the opportunity to join the fight against fast fashion that is storming our world by force!  This fast fashion trend provides cheap goods at the cost of the dignity and fair wages of those who need it most. It also wreaks havoc on the environment and effectively shuts down small businesses that can’t compete with the low costs that come along with fast fashion. 

HYDE is here to provide you with an amazing alternative: The highest quality, ethically created leather products you can find!

In cooperation with our partners, we at HYDE are proud to offer you socially conscious, quality-crafted products that will add flair + function to your lifestyle. Secure in the knowledge that each HYDE item you carry is a symbol of hope and opportunity; we thank Y O U for supporting a beyond fair-trade company committed to ethical employee treatment and the provision of dignified work for the men and women we are blessed to call our Artisans.

Teagan MacKenzie ~ CEO, Owner HYDE