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about us.


origin story.
The products we at H Y D E Artisan Leather sell are specifically selected for their impact on the lives of the Artisans who create them. By giving these products access in the world market we create opportunities that otherwise would be unimaginable. Opportunities that are life changing.

Hard to believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I made my first trip to India. I was blessed to spend two weeks there with a Canadian family I had previously connected with.  These passionate people had been living there for over a decade
already. They invested all of their time and energy into the lives of many local talented people, building a company that would engage local Artisans to create products that could then be sold in North America. 

The beautiful thing was they were not motivated by monetary gain, but rather fueled by the opportunities to make tangible improvements for the individuals and their families within these communities. - this mindset resonated with me and my personal involvement was inevitable.

Time passed but my path crossed with these folks again a few years later. I learned their company had expanded to include a second factory, where talented Artisans were now working with leather. I immediately felt this was the opportunity I had been waiting for to get involved and H Y D E Artisan Leather was born.

From this partnership, we at H Y D E are proud to offer you socially conscious, quality crafted products that will add flair + function to your lifestyle. Secure in the knowledge that each H Y D E item you carry is a symbol of hope and opportunity; we thank Y O U for supporting a beyond fair-trade company committed to ethical employee treatment and the provision of dignified work for the men and women we are blessed to call our Artisans.

-David, Founder + CEO